28 Ways To Get In Shape By Summer

Sometimes, to radically change your attitude to your health and lifestyle, small changes are enough. Try to implement some of these ideas in practice and feel a few years younger.

1. Clean Up Your Kitchen

Start from the corner, which accumulates useless little things. Get rid of cereals and sauces that have expired. Throw away the cookies, which have ceased to be crispy, and jars with the remnants of jam.

Psychologists from Cornell University are sure:

  • when the kitchen is in chaos, the number of random snacks increases.

2. Pamper Yourself

Women who, for the sake of healthy eating, have crossed out all the sweets, muffins and burgers from their menu, are in danger of caving in. If you can not literally live without some harmful products, eat them from time to time. But limit the volume to 4 teaspoons.

Experts assure:

  • pleasure decreases with each following bite.

3. Take Away The Dish With Potato Mash

During family dinners, put on the table just as much food, as necessary. If you have a large dish with chicken wings or pasta in front of you, it’s almost impossible to control yourself.

4. Do The Dishes Later

Immediately after dinner, take all your family our for a 30-minute walk to burn more calories. Those who wait until the food “settles down”, and leaves for a walk an hour after the meal, lose weight more slowly.

5. Sleep With Your Curtains Open

Sun rays will help you maintain optimal weight. Light regulates our biological clock and affects the secretion of hormones, which play an important role in the formation of appetite and metabolism.

6. Have Mercy On Yourself

Avoid overly intensive workouts. If your muscles are sore, you will not be able to practice for a week. Increase the load gradually.

On Monday – a 30-minute walk, on Tuesday – 45 minutes of yoga, on Wednesday – an hour in the pool.

7. Keep Vegetables At Hand

We are 3 times more likely to choose those products that are the first to reach our eyes, – psychologists say. Put a plate of fruit in the center of the kitchen table.

Keep fresh vegetables on the top shelf in the fridge. In the closet, put the pack of oatmeal and nuts at eye level.

8. Remember About The Award

Today, jogging seems especially long and difficult? Think about how you can please yourself immediately after the workout – this will help you overcome the distance.

All you can dream of is the soft sofa, a fiction book and a glass of wine? Let it be so – you deserve it!

9. Eat Slowly

If you chew each piece 5 times, the food is absorbed worse, and edemas appear. Make at least 20 chewing movements. If you do, a sufficient amount of saliva is produced, and it contains enzymes that improve digestion.

10. Sweeten The Pills

If you like sweets, have it for breakfast. Morning calories are easier to spend, and, besides, it will be easier for you to resist temptations during the day.

Does your body still demand a dessert in the daytime?

Divide the morning cake into two parts:

eat half after breakfast, and the second half after dinner.

11. Reduce The Temptations

If you are subscribed in social networks to the news feed of your favorite pastry shops or cafes, unsubscribe. Do you think that photos of appetizing desserts are a harmless pleasure? Psychologists are sure that such shots form our eating habits.

12. Do Not Eat Up Your Fatigue

Hunger after a bike ride is quite natural. The main thing is not to eat a 500-gram package of ice cream entirely, because you “worked it out”.

If you are usually very hungry after the workout, prepare a good snack in advance – an apple and 30 g of dried almonds, yogurt. Eat all this right in the locker room, and have a proper lunch in an hour.

13. Work At Work

You can complain about sedentary work, or you can do abs exercises every hour:

a. Take hold of the armrests of your armchair
b. Raise your straight legs parallel to the floor
c. Bend them five times in the knees
d. Lower them slowly.

14. Try New Flavors

Buy peanut butter or cook hummus, and raw vegetables will not spoil any more in your fridge! Try an apple slice with peanut butter or celery stalks with hummus.

15. Choose Red

People who eat from red plates limit themselves to smaller portions. We associate red color with a sense of danger and become alert – psychologists explain. Buy a red plate and test the theory.

16. Make 10 Squats Before You Eat

Your task is to have 90 seconds of intense exercise before each meal. Try:

  • jumping,
  • push-ups,
  • abs exercises.

In the office, you can quickly climb the stairs by two floors. Exercising will increase the sensitivity of the muscles to insulin, and your body will quickly expend the calories eaten.

17. Take The Sweets Away Into The Fridge

Cold chocolate melts longer in the mouth, which means you’ll eat it more slowly.

And the slower we eat, the less calories we consume.

18. Buy The Dumbbells

You will not regret about strength trainings:

the more muscle mass, the more toned your figure becomes.
A new discovery by Danish scientists: the weight of weighting has no impact over the effect.

The main thing is to perform the maximum number of repetitions.

19. Make Sandwiches

Instead of ketchup, use homemade guacamole. Avocado is an excellent source of useful vegetable fats and combines perfectly with grain bread and poultry meat.

20. Make An Anti-Cellulite Dessert

When you want to eat dessert the next time, heat a sweet protein bar in the microwave.

You will be surprised, but the warm bar has a very delicate, soft texture, and it contains several times less calories, than any cake does.

21. At The Restaurant, Sit Near The Window

When a woman is in sight, she cares more about what impression she makes. You look well with a latte in your hand? With a glass of juice, you will look even better!

22. Do Not Get Distracted While Exercising

When you are exercising and watching a movie, attention is dissipated, and the intensity of training is reduced. Are you bored just running around like that? Dream about how beautiful you will look on the beach, and accelerate!

23. Install A Timer App

Many fitness applications have a reminder function: if you do not move for more than an hour, the program will send you a notification that it’s time to get up from the desktop and walk along the hallway.

24. A Bun With Coffee For Breakfast?

Forget it! Put a slice of salted salmon or chicken breast on a slice of grain bread, add cucumber, lettuce leaf and a bit of mustard. Such breakfast will provide your body with protein and fiber.

25. Outsmart Your Body

You get on the couch in front of the TV and suddenly realize that you desperately need hot popcorn (and you do have a couple of packs in the pantry). Or while being in the office, you realize that you have to eat chocolate right now to calm down.

In such cases, psychologists advise you to distract yourself. At home, load laundry into the washing machine, and at work make a list of the most important things to do. The brain will switch, and you will find it easier to control yourself.

26. Replace Sugar With Fruits

You eat oatmeal in the morning? Do not put sugar in it, and add a grated apple or cut a half of a banana. Porridge will be sweet, and sugar can not even compare with fresh fruits in terms of the content of useful substances.

27. Move A Little More

For example, remove the TV remote, and then you will have to get up and take a few steps to switch the channel.

In the office, use the toilet at the far end of the hallway or a floor above (climb the stairs!). These small changes will help you spend more calories during the day.

28. Train Together With A Friend

If you have agreed with someone to go on a run together, it will be really shameful to refuse at the last moment. Besides, working out together is much more fun.

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