After training: what we do wrong

When the training has come to an end, this does not mean that you can totally relax. Even though the physical exercises are left behind work on yourself is still going on. Lying on the couch, inadequate snacks, excuses and other things that you should not do after training under any circumstances – all in our material.


Juices, sports drinks and, God forbid, soda – whichever you drink from this list, you should know, it’s wrong. Sugar these drinks contain will reduce all your efforts in the gym to zero. Of course, you can argue with about the second item, since carbohydrates, minerals and electrolytes found in sports drinks help to fill their deficits, which appear together in increased sweating, yet there is one “but”.

The consumption of sports drinks is justified only if your training lasts more than an hour and includes complex physical activities that exhaust your body (slow running on the treadmill is not one of those).


The biggest mistake made by all novice athletes is rewarding with food after trainings. “I ran five kilometers, I deserve a dessert!” you think and pull into your mouth another piece of brownie, which, by the way, contains almost 500 calories per 100 grams.

Did you sweat for two hours, overcoming your strength, just to kill the entire result with a chocolate bomb?


These three similar terms combine a set of exercises that you mercilessly miss, considering them unimportant, unnecessary and useless. To say that you are wrong means to say nothing.

Warm up

  • Warms up your muscles and joints
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Prepares your body for exercise.


  • Reduces the risk of injury.


  • Helps muscles restore
  • Reduces pain the next day.

Each of the stages should not last more than five minutes. In total, just 15 minutes, which will make your trainings more effective and safer. It seems to us that it is worth it.


After training, you must eat. Consider this to be a rule, just like the previous paragraph.

If you had an aerobic training, then you need to restore the reserves of glycogen with food. This will speed up the metabolic processes and increase your body stamina. Fruit and various smoothies come to your aid. The interval between trainings and meals should not be more than 15 minutes

If you were doing strength exercises and dream of becoming one big mountain of muscles, then your task is to nourish your body with protein. In this case, cottage cheese, poultry or fish will work perfectly. You have just two hours for lunch. Later it will be already useless, since the essence of such nutrition is in the recovery of muscles, which occurs exactly the next two hours after training.

*By the way, properly selected food after the workout will improve metabolic processes, which is always a good thing.


Get up 15 minutes later than usual, skip a class in the gym, not cook lunch and buy ready-made meal – all these moments of weakness, justified by God knows what, will not lead to anything good.

Remember, laziness is the most dangerous enemy that you meet on the path to a healthy lifestyle. Do not give yourself any indulgence, do not let yourself relax and in general imagine that you are in the army. Discipline and rigid self-control are the only things that will help you become better.

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