Bottled Water Better For You

Is Bottled Water Better For You – Than Tap Water When Dieting?

Do you also, like many weight loss enthusiasts, asking which bottled water is best for drinking purposes while I am dieting?

Well maybe not – but in case you are a bit confused about the safety of bottled water or disadvantages/disadvantages of bottled water, then you must read this article.

In fact, for a long time now, thousands of people want to know the winner between bottled water and tap water. So is bottled water better for you than tap water?

How tennis sport engineer the craze to buy bottled water

You will likely have a picture of hot tennis player or other sports figure gulping down bottled water between matches. Bottled water certainly has a stigma around it.

One of the things that may be around it is the fact that rich people love drinking bottled water a lot.

On television, you see countless ‘rich people’ drinking bottled water. The popularity of bottled water has certainly increased. You will likely see more brands of bottled water in the store than you can keep track of.

You have likely drunk a few bottles of this stuff in your day. You may also be one that get some bottled water if you are out and away from home, especially if you are going to be walking for fitness or exercising without a source of water nearby.

But do you know that buying bottled water is a rip off?


Yes bottled water has nothing great. The only great thing is the aggressive marketing botllerd water manufacturers employ to sell their products.

The marketing system tells us that bottled water is best for drinking purposes and there is no better choice for us.

Remember that these companies are in the business of making money so you should not be surprised! The goal of these companies is to sell bottled waters even if you don’t need it.
Is bottled water better for you than tap water
So I ask you again – “is bottled water better for you than tap water”?

The answer is an emphatic NO!

Most of the time, bottled water is nothing more than tap water. It doesn’t have the taste of water from your tap because it has been filtered and purified.

Money used to buy bottled water is a WASTE! Although it is great to have something that gets people to drink more water.

However, you should realize that it is nothing but a waste of money.You should be careful with what you buy. There are some types or brands of bottled water that have things added to it.

Some will have flavoring such as sugar. There is likely something added to it if it doesn’t taste like pure water.

There are some types of water that come from a spring or mountain river. So is this any better for your body? Simply put, NO!

Bottled water may have some minerals that you don’t find in tap water, but it is really just the same as tap water. Except it is more expensive.
Bottled water vs tap water
Bottled water vs tap water – how to improve the taste of tap water to level with bottled water


Ordinarily, there should not be any need for tap water vs bottled water contest, but many people prefer the taste of bottle water than tap water.

Here is how you can improve the taste of tap water and save your money.

First learn to restrain yourself from running to the store to buy bottle water. You can filter your tap water with many products. The pitcher with the filter in it is an excellent option.

You have likely seen these on television. The water goes through a filter as you pour it out of the pitcher.

This option is easy to use and less expensive. You don’t need a lot of brain-power to fill a pitcher with water. You will likely be able to find one at your local shop. You can also look for filters that can be attached to your faucet.

These are often the best option. You can easily replace the filters and they are very easy to use. Any store like Wal-Mart will have these.

The water filtering system is always another option. These are the ones with the pellets and other stuff, but they can be a bit difficult to work with. It is often better to get the smaller faucet units.

However, some may have to use these because of the condition of their water. You may need to soften your water if it is too hard.

Try filling empty bottles with tap water if you don’t like the taste of your water. Place the water in the ice box so they get nice and cold. You will find that the water has a different flavor when it is cold.

isolated image of bottled water flowing

Any of the above options, will at least, save you lots of money. The price is the problem when it comes to bottle water. You are paying an arm and leg for something that you can practically get free. You shouldn’t have to pay for it.

It is difficult to understand why people don’t feel guilty about buying and drinking bottled water. It is one step up from going to a whore.

Instead of asking which bottled water is best for drinking purposes for dieting, it is better to follow the ideas I’d shown you here.

Stop drinking bottled water and see how much you can save for a period of just a month. People pay a dollar or more for a bottle of water while there are people throughout the world who are dying of starvation and disease.

Is bottled water better for you than tap water? Finally, the answer is NO!

Go for tap water and you will have much water to drink on a diet and live healthy.

Also, you can become slimmer, better toned and much healthier with top confidence without spending an arm and a leg.

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