Quick weight loss centers may not be help you

Quick Weight Loss Diet Programs Compared – The Atkins Diet, Zone Diet Plan, Jenny Craig Diet Program etc

Quick weight loss centers may not be help you.

When people think that the time has come again to cut some of their daily food intake the most important question they often ask is – which diet is the best?

While you are different to most people, however, you have the same goal: You want a diet that will make you thin quickly or cut out your fat very fast!

This reasin, I discovered, propel people to search for quick weight loss diet programs or diet centers.
Which diet is the best – to use a miracle diet pill?

Another reason most people want a miracle diet pill or eating plan that comes with best quick weight loss diet is to lose weight through dieting and remain trim for years.

You see, I discovered that most people who genuinely wants to lose weight healthily, are very confused.

You do not fully understands what dieting really means and what is the right way of brining your body back in shape as more diets programs and plans are published in magazines and on the Internet.

The quick weight loss diets is huge industry

The interest in weight loss has grown bigger and bigger just as the number of overweight people increases and demand for the best dieting and weightloss solutions surge every year.

Nowadays it seems that all people need is a fashionable idea and a flair for marketing in order to make a lot of money and gain a lot of popularity by starting some weird quick weight loss diets business, despite a lack of professional experience in the field.

Now, let me take you through some of the most popular diets below:

The Atkins Diet Plan


One of the latest fads in the dieting world is the Dr Atkins diet plan. Nearly everyone has heard of the Atkins diet recipes, mainly because of the flood of articles that talk about the ‘extraordinary results’ and the loads of good mail from satisfied customers.
The dr atkins diet plans allow cheese
The largest favor of this diet is that you can eat high fat dairy products like cheese and butter.

However, following a large number of complaints about diarrhea, weakness, muscle cramps and rashes, the atkins weight loss diet program fell from its lofty perch.

What further strenghten the battle against the Dr Atkins diet plan is the suspicions of increasing the risk of heart disease.

The debate is still raging over the scientific fundamentals of this diet especially when consider the possible atkins diet dangers to users.

The Zone Diet Food Plans

Next is the well-known eating plan – the zone diet food plans. Barry Sears started this diet, which explains why some people prefer to name it Barry Sears zone diet plan.

The zone diet food plan is about eating the right mix of foods to reach the right hormonal balance. This balance is known as the “Zone” which lets the body takes in calories and uses them during the day without putting anything away as fat.

However, without any scientific basis, zone diet food plans do some serious discrimination among the foods.

For example, zone diet bans starchy vegetables; whole grains andzone diet food plans promoting high protein diet foods beans even though they aren’t in conflict with the principles of the diet.

According to the American Heart Association, the Zone diet food plans lacks essential nutrients while promoting high-protein foods.

 The Jenny Craig Diet Program

Next on the list is the Jenny Craig diet program. This is one of the longest running diet plans, starting in the early 1980s and still exists today.

Here is the basic idea to this diet – you don’t choose recipes, do the shopping or the cooking, but you will buy prepackaged food supplied to you by the Jenny Craig diet program.

Sometimes this can cost up to a hundred dollars per week in addition to the membership costs. Plus the fact that the jenny craig diet cost price doesn’t have the vegetables and fruits.

You can stick to this diet if you can afford it since it is pretty good.

However you can buy similar low-calorie foods at the grocery store and you won’t have to discuss it with a Jenny Craig diets expert that requires you to eat the prepackaged food since they get a percentage of the sale price.

The South Beach Diet Plan


Next is the South Beach diet, which comes from sunny Florida. The south beach diet weight loss plan has the right idea but the wrong approach combination.

Although the diet actually work and a lot of people have managed to lose weight                                                                                  on this diet.

But here is vital question for you you. Can you really stick to it? During the first phase of the diet, you will eliminate most foods containing carbohydrates from your daily diet. However, this phase lasts only two weeks.

Then the second phase focuses on a half-hearted return of whole grains and fruits, which lasts as long as necessary.

If it takes you one year to reach your desired weight, then that’s how long the phase will last. If you don’t like the south beach diet foods that the diet allows, then you are out of luck.

You don’t have any alternatives if you choose to lose weight with the south beach diet meal plans.

The Weight Watchers

How to calculate points for weight watchers
Another diet program that is veteran is the Weight Watchers.

Since this diet puts all the management tools in the hands of the user it is actually one of the best diets around.

No wonder its many enthusiasts constantly ask how to calculate points for weight watchers excess weight loss program.

You will have all the information needed to lose weight if you are really committed. You will also have other members willing to help you.

However, if you don’t like the idea of being under peer pressure constantly, then you probably won’t do well on the weight watcher diet plan.

And it also mean you will soon get tired of asking how to calculate points for weight watchers diet program.

From this short diet program review you can see that there are a lot of diets out there and there are dozens more that we haven’t covered.

When choosing a diet, I advice you to carry out as much research as possible. Find out what people say after trying it. Then consider what doctors and dietitians have to say about the diet plan.

You can probably come to the truth yourself by considering those singing praises and those who are trying to prove the diet wrong.

Think twice before trying any diet that your doctor says will place your body at risk. This is better than falling in line to just any quick weight loss diet that lack credibility.

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