Diet Plan Myth

Slim Fast Diet Plan Myth And Other Diet Myths Exposed

Diet myth is fast gaining ground – from slim fast diet plan to sugar ingestion to low-carb recipes, so many mythical diet stories abound today.

Avoid diet myth – use proactol fat binding pill supplementYou find a lot of myths, hearsay and sound bites in the diet world. The question is, are they true just because we hear them a thousand times?

For example, should you really remove all sugar from your diet? Should you never eat fat and drink alcohol again?

To me this seems like an invitation to failure. Not many people can actually swear off food and stick to their oath.

Most people need the occasional treat. As long as treats don’t happen every day there is nothing wrong with having them every now and then.

All diets have the basic idea of eating only the calories your body requires maintaining its current weight.

This means the body has to use accumulated fat to compensate for the energy it doesn’t receive from food. But you must eat diet that is nutritionally sound and tasty.

The solution isn’t to ban certain types of food and ingredients because people on those diets will soon relapse into old eating habits when they want those food or ingredients too badly.

You should not also rely on meal replacements such as Mypoplex, Slimfast or Eat-Smart. You cannot substitute a proper diet for these low-fat, high-protein substances.

Make sure you avoid using them for any more than four weeks in a row. Nobody can go for long without calories because they are important to the body.

Calories help the internal organs and muscles to function so cutting out calories would be a big mistake. It is okay to use meal replacements for a week or two as shock treatment.

But relying on them for up to two months will give you trouble. This also applies to the single-food diets like the cabbage soup diet since they use the same idea.

The low-carb recipe high-protein diet myth


Another common myth is that the low carb high protein diet is the best way for weight loss. The Hollywood slimming industry started this high protein low carb diet myth. Unfortunately, it has gained much ground.

Are you surprised why most movie stars and singers are on some similar diet? They’d bitten the bug, and routing for high protein low carbohydrate diet in error.

However, this isn’t good for everyone since the body is forced to use carbs in the liver and muscles when you are on a diet with low cabs and calories.

High protein low-carbohydrate diet bad for your health

Over time, these kinds of diets lead to weight loss that mainly comes from water storage in the body rather than fat, which can strain the internal organs.

You also shouldn’t try to avoid the leading sources of carbohydrates such as potatoes, bread and pasta. Since carbs can reduce the feeling of hunger without extra calories they can actually be good.

Eating moderate amounts of potatoes and bread is okay as long as you don’t add a lot of butter or sauces, which are high in fat.

Always pay creaful attention to how you prepare your food. French fries can’t be considered low-fat. Still there are more benefits to a high-carb, low fat diet than getting rid of potatoes and bread, and it is easier to stick to.

Some benefits of drinking water. It is a good idea to drink a certain quantity of water each day since it keeps the body hydrated and the stomach full.

Drinking water not guarantee effective weight loss


Water also helps the movements of undigested food to the exit point, which keeps the intestines healthy.

However, weight loss can’t be triggered simply by drinking water.

Burning up existing fat is the only way to lose weight and water can’t do this.

You also shouldn’t judge a diet only by the amount of weight lost each week. Many claim that if the weekly weight loss is over two pounds than the diet is effective.

While two pounds per week is a lot of weight you know that it won’t be all fat, but it will also be lean tissue that makes up the muscles.

Another common myth is that all fat is positively bad for you. Now let me tell you the truth — NOT ALL FAT ARE BAD!

The body actually needs some fat in order to work with the fat-soluble Vitamins A, D, E and K, which circulate throughout the cardiovascular system.

Fat also helps bring the body the essential fatty acids Omega 3 omega fatty 3 acids and Omega-6 omega fatty acid, which your body can’t synthesize.

The word “essential” shows that benefits of omega 3 fatty acids just have to be present in your daily food plan since they play a large role in your health. Thirty-five percent of your daily calories is the recommended does of fat per day.

There is yet a popular diet myth, which says that diet or eating plan is enough and it doesn’t have to be accompanied by exercising.

exercising weight lossThat is not true. Exercising will help you burn you extra calories that are stored as fat.

Sitting at a desk all day long will not do the trick, no matter what diet you are on.


It is better to have a diet with plenty of good food and exercise rather than sitting on the sofa and just drinking cabbage soup every six hours.

The proper way is not only faster but it is also less stressful for your body.

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