Where Diets Go Wrong

For some people, when they discover they have put on some weight their first reaction is often to eat less food.

This seems like a reasonable and simple approach. It follows that since food got us into trouble so eating less of it should make everything right once again.

Whether in the magazines or on the Internet, nearly every diet says almost the same thing: EAT LESS FOODS! While it is a challenge to go with less food, it also has a sort of expiation feeling as well.

Unfortunately this doesn’t work for those who hope that lowering food intake will help them lose weight. You see, the human body had to face starvation many times over the thousands of years of evolution and it has found ways of surviving.

We are the offspring of those who coped with the lack of food and managed to survive periods of starvation.

Therefore, you won’t have a big difference with a simple decrease in the volume of food since the body simply compensates for it by reducing the level of energy produced and limiting the capacity for effort.

Working around this defense system is the best way to reach your weight loss goal by eating smart instead of less. Since people share the same required amount of food both overweight people and thin people eat about the same amount of calories per day.

However, overweight people eat far more and think people seem to prefer the complex carbohydrates, which are easily broken down and metabolized by the body.

Between the two groups this is the biggest difference and it is the best place to start when you are considering what and how to change in your eating patterns.

Time is always necessary with good dieting. You didn’t accumulate the excess weight over night and you won’t get it to go away in a single day.

Hundred of thousands of people search the Internet every year and read magazines in an effort to get dieting tips and to find the modern Holy Grail: an over the counter diet pill that makes losing fat effortless.


While this may be an exaggeration, you get the general idea. You have probably seen a lot of advertisements by now that promise amazing results through the assistance of some quasi magic ingredient or other.

You probably also know that you can’t lose weight this way. Avoiding foods that are too rich in fat and exercising on a regular basis and taking diet pills that work is the only way you can lose weight permanently.

One of the causes behind the recent increase in the number of overweight people in the world is the sedentary lifestyle that many lead.

An unforeseen problem has come up because of cars, office jobs and foods rich in fat, but the easy modern life has a price tag just like everything else.

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