Fast Food And Obesity

Fast Food And Obesity – How I Overcame Fast Food Bad Effects And Enjoys Better Health

Fast food and obesity? I used to hate to consider that fast food could cause overweight or obesity. Whether tacos or burgers, I really like it. So you can imagine how much I hated listening to any sermon about fast food and weight gain.

I was totally ignorance of until I discovered salient truths about fast dangers. For some people fast food, unfortunately, has become a way of life.
fast food and obesity
It’s their source of three meals a day without considering what ‘fast food and weight gain’ mean to their health.

There are people who do not care the difference between a steak and a Big Mac.

Then there are some people, like me, who never ate fast food growing up. For me it was because we were too poor to get fast food.

Many people have become over dependent on ready serve meals. Whether they are in a frozen box or are fast food. I can see why many people find it appealing, but there should be no need for it.

I admit to eating my share of fast food. It wasn’t easy to grab a good meal when I spend too much time away from home. Today, many have a similar lifestyle. Everyone has a reason that prevents him or her from preparing a good meal.

Does fast food have any positive angles? Some people advices that you can avoid certain aspects of fast foods, like asking that the mayo and cheese in a burger be caught out.

Nevertheless, this option still isn’t healthier than a meal you prepare on your own, even though a lot of fat will be removed.

The fast food danger!


These foods contain processed junks that contain oil and other stuff rather than milk like some kinds. In other words, you must consider the disadvantages of fast food before eating.

You see, some of these cheeses are even made from cooking oil. If you really like cheese then you can probably tell just by                                                                            looking at it.

Cheese with oil will often look different from other cheeses. It looks oily and orange. Also avoid ordering anything with bacon.

Often fast food bacon is awful. It isn’t really cooked, rather it is put under a light until it gets hot. Therefore, you should avoid it at all costs. You will be happy with the calories you save.

Fast food and obesity problem caused by fried sandwiches


Another fast food problem is deep fried sandwiches. These are the ones with deep fried chicken or fish in them. They are worse for your health because of the process of frying them in fat. It is best to go with chicken when you can.

Chicken generally tends to be low in fat. Although stay away from deep fried chicken sandwiches or those with mayo. If there is nothing but deep fried chicken on the menu then consider a burger instead.

It is always best to get a side salad instead of French fries. Although I know that fries are always a part of fast food. They are fine to eat but only from time to time. Stay away from them most of the time if you eat fast food regularly.

The key here is “most of the time”. They won’t affect you if you eat them from time to time. However, you should cut back on them if there is enough excess grease on your hands to slick back your hair.

Some fast food joints are joining the trend of offering meatless burgers. I’m not sure whether this is because the percentage of people who don’t eat meat has gone up or not.

Another thing that could be influencing it, is if you live near a college. Many college kids are joining the phase of being animal friendly.

However, this only lasts until they get old enough to find that meat tastes better than tofu and other meatless junks.


No matter what you should try meatless burgers if your fast food place offers them.

Sometimes these have less fat than normal burgers. Although they can take some getting used to. I can’t say that I prefer these. I don’t like what happens when you chew them.

Just remember that even though they are meatless you can’t add cheese and mayo.

Some of the meatless burgers don’t have much less fat. Subway is an excellent place to go. Although any good sub shop will work.

This allows you to add good veggies to your sandwich instead of things like mayo. Still you should stick with chicken though some may offer turkey.

One of the best things about Subway is that they allow you to see the fat and calorie contents. How much the sandwiches contain is advertised all over the store. With so many tasty veggies to choose from you won’t even miss the mayo and cheese.

Drinking water healther than soda

Drinking water or diet sodas can also help you keep calories down. I often drink water because I hate diet sodas. Ask for some lemon to squirt into your water.

This can give your water a crisp taste and help you forget the sodas. You can go with diet sodas, but I find them too sweet.

So there it is. Your simple guide to fast food and obesity and how to avoid negative health problems.

Keep this article in mind and consider the pros and cons of fast food the next time you go to a fast food joint.


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