How Is Fat Eliminated From The Body

How To Lose Body Fat – How Is Fat Eliminated From The Body?


I know how you desperately want to lose that unwanted excess luggage from your body. Don’t panic, you are not alone at all.

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But before I discuss this with you, let’s take some minutes to discuss few facts about body fats and of course, belly fat.

We are told that fat is bad for us from the time that we are kids – do you still remembered?

In other words, we all grew up knowing a thing or two about fat. However, as we grow older, many of us seem more worried about calories than body fat and asking how is fat eliminated from the body.

But you should be worried about both. The first measure is to ensure that your diet isn’t full of junk foods.

Rather you should get your calories from foods that are good for you. It is hard to believe how much fat is the bad thing that people make it out to be.

In the diet program plan, carbs are the real evil. This is probably why so many people become overweight.

Consider it like this. How many cultures eat bread throughout the world? Most cultures eat some sort of bread. For some people bread is the focus of the meal. Women spent all day long making bread in the old days.

In some regions of the world the same is also true of pasta. In such places people actually eat some type of pastas with every meal. And how about rice? The same thing applies. Consider the Irish and potatoes. Still the same thing. All of these are carbs!

In fact, many people eat carbs every day of their lives. I think people are addicted to carbs. I’m probably one of them. I don’t know what I would do without my bread and other carbs since I eat so much of them.

However, I must admit, they do add a tire around the waste line. But this doesn’t imply that carbs are necessarily worse than fat. Fat also has its share of problems.


You are getting yourself ready for a heart attack if you eat too much of it. Your body can only handle so much.

Everyone has seen young men get heart attacks at early ages. So we all know how bad fat can be, however, not all fat is the same. There are some fat that are worse than others.

Consider these different kinds of fat. There are items lower in saturated fat. These are things like meats and cheeses. There isn’t as much fat in these food types as the other we will discuss.

Then there are the foods with more saturated fat than meats and cheese. These are often deep fried foods that include donuts, French fries and potato chips.

The second group of foods is what you want to stay away from. They are also high in calories. They will clog up your arteries. There are risks with the good stuff in life.

This doesn’t mean that you should never eat these items, but you should eat them in moderation.

This is the key — eat them only once per week rather than every day. Do not eat a whole bag of chips, rather eat a small bag that is only enough for one or two servings. This way you won’t have the temptation to eat a whole bag.

Oils like olive oil are low in sat fats. Whenever you can you should use these. Although remember you should only use a little bit of oil. Always use non stick cookware. This is an excellent investment for your health.

You won’t have to use as much oil when cooking with non stick cookware. With the good stuff you may not have to use any at all. Watch your caloric intake as                                                                                 well as fat.

They should go hand in hand. Pay close attention as well to how many carbs you eat each day.

While I may sound like a broken record, I do think people rely on them too much. While they are a good source of energy they will cause you to feel burnt out if you eat too much of them.

You probably know what I’m talking about. You will feel the need to take a nap all the time.

Then there are the health risks of a diet that is high in fat. There is a greater risk of sugar problems and heart disease. In addition, there is a risk of many cancers.

Those who eat high fat diets are also prone to skin problems, and are always asking how is fat eliminated from the body.

People who eat too much fat have a very bad complexion and their skin almost looks like leather.


Just hopefully you don’t finish reading this and think you should take all fat out of your diet. That isn’t the purpose of this article.

Rather you should take a look at the big picture. You should eat some fat, but don’t go licking a block of lard for a refreshing snack on a hot summer day. You understand what I’m talking about now?

Now I’ve been able to show you some nuggets and hopefully give you some clue how to lose body fat or least avoid it?

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