Nothing in excess: modern weight loss methods

German doctors are convinced that not every method is good in the struggle for a slender young body. Opinion of Matthias Kremer-Tum MD on correct conservatism, detox and plastic surgery.

Overweight issues are of concern to both women and men. Today, an incredible number of diets and a lot of medical techniques are invented for providing a weight reduction. It seems, you can get a slender body the moment you wish for it, as if on a finger snap, without any visible efforts and risk.

“Alas, this is not how it works,” says Mathias Kremer-Thum, a physician at the German Clinical One clinic. When we think about aesthetic medicine, whether it’s machines or surgical intervention, then, of course, first of all we think about efficiency. It’s a normal thing, everyone wants to see results. However, it is equally important to remember about the safety of certain actions for health.

In the modern world, new techniques grow like mushrooms after the rain, but before they can prove their right to life, they must pass the test of time, long time. For example, our clinic is over ten years old and we have 26 branches across Europe, where patients from all over the world come to do completely different things, from contour correction to hair transplantation.

We offer them perfected ways to solve problems, and not just fashionable tricks with unpredictable consequences. Of course, novelties do appear, yet they are carefully selected and go through repeated safety checks.

Just a few months ago we included the Mega NFC machine in preoperative and postoperative therapy. At the preparation stage, it provides detoxification of the body and strengthens the immune system. During the recovery period, it accelerates the rehabilitation of tissues.

  • The composition of the product includes silica in colloid form, which is extracted from volcanic mountain and sedimentary minerals. It perfectly absorbs toxic substances and promotes their elimination. Perhaps, this is our main news at the moment. “
  • While various clinics offer plastic surgery of any complexity, you have to be 100% sure that they are competent in their work, if you came for Body Lift. “Imagine, you lost weight and skin all over your body is “sagging”, says Matthias.
  • Not a single machine is capable of providing an obvious and uniform result in this situation. Only an experienced surgeon is capable of “sew” everything based on new size. It is an incredibly complex operation, so always make sure the doctor you apply to does have success stories with such surgeries.
  • If you feel like you won’t be able to lose weight on your own and have to apply to plastic surgery, you might consider the idea of using the tool that occupies an intermediate position between conservative treatment and surgical intervention. We are talking about a special balloon that is introduced in your stomach to help you fight excess weight.
  • Liposuction and abdominoplasty are still relevant for modeling the figure, but they are less responsible for weight loss. Therefore, patients are often recommended to try such a technique, as the introduction of a special balloon into the stomach.

First, patients go through various tests. Then, they come to the clinic on a fasting stomach, and the doctor under general anesthesia performs a gastroscopy to identify possible contraindications. After that, an empty balloon is carefully inserted into the stomach.

At the next stage, a syringe is connected to the balloon, though which they fill it with colored water. Generally speaking, that’s it. The process takes about twenty minutes. During the next 2-3 days, stomach usually adapts to the new conditions, so patients can experience unpleasant sensations that quickly go away.

Weight reduction begins immediately after the procedure and lasts for one to one and a half months. The remaining four to five months are dedicated to the consolidation of results and maintenance of new indicators. It is impossible to determine exactly how thin each patient will become.

The most realistic figure is 10-15 kilograms. Though, there are known cases, when patients managed to lose 35 kg in a year, and more.

The main thing is to understand that such balloon isn’t introduced for life. In six months or a year, it has to be removed. And then, everything will depend on the patient. If he is capable of changing the nutrition system in the next six months, as well as add up sports activities, the result finally stabilizes.

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