Phen375 for different age groups

Only natural ingredients are included in the composition of Phen375. It does not cause side reactions, and has no contraindications. Due to the high security of this weight loss supplement, it may be used by people of different age groups.

Phen375 is the most safe and effective weight loss drug for children.

It may be used if the child’s weight exceeds the normal by 50% -100%, and diet and exercise do not help him get rid of excessive fat.

Phen375 will help your child:

  • Speed up the metabolism;
  • Control appetite;
  • Accelerate fat burning;
  • Adapt more quickly to the diet;
  • Reduce cravings for sweet and harmful foods;
  • Form correct dietary habits.

Children are recommended using Phen375 for a short time, and only in conjunction with a balanced diet and physical activity.

Large doses of this weight loss supplement may cause an overabundance of certain substances in the child’s body.

This may cause an increase in activity, allergy or stomach disorders.

Therefore, children require dose adjustment, when using Phen375 for slimming. Representatives of other age groups are also not recommended to abuse this weight loss supplement.

It is especially not recommended to increase the dose of Phen375 to elderly people with impaired digestive system. It contains Chromium picolinate, overabundance of which may cause constipation.

Moderate Phen375 doses for weight loss are safe for the elderly. This weight loss supplement is recommended for use in elderly patients, who are not capable of losing weight or maintaining an optimal body weight through exercise and diet.

Phen375 not only speeds up their metabolism and stimulates digestion, but also helps to make up a stock of some nutrients, required for a proper body functioning.

Phen375 contains Carbonate de calcium.

Due to this, it may have a positive effect on patients with deficiency of this substance in the body. Elderly people with osteoporosis may safely use this dietary supplement for losing weight.

In addition, Phen375, unlike drugs for weight loss, is not associated with the risk of gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer. Therefore, it may be used by people of different age groups with the gastrointestinal tract diseases.

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