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Popular Fad Diets And Your Health – Why Fast Weight Loss Fad Diets May Injure Your Health

More often than not, we constantly get lured to try one of those popular fad diets claiming to be the best diet pills and programs for effective weight loss.


And the emergence of one popular fad diet after another is primarily because we constantly probe our mind to buy the last diet programs in town.

I know this is not any of your fault – after all you often cast a critical eye on your body from time to time when looking in the mirror and most times, decide to join the gang of fast weight loss fad diets crowd.
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The internal monologe in your head probably sounds like this: “My butt looks a little big. The clothes must have been poorly designed”.

“But who am I kidding? No wonder I’m putting on weight with all the sweets and junk food I’ve been eating lately”.

You see, there is nothing wrong if you think this way, but bad if you allow it gets you panicked. If you do not think it through enough, you will likely end up, hastily, looking for diets and eating plans everywhere including the internet.

This approach is wrong because, like most people, you will end up running into the latest dieting craze that claims to make anyone slim while improving his or her quality of life.

But most of these dieting plans are not as effective as they claim and many may even damage your health in the long run!

Don’t allow few extra pounds to cause panicproactol weight loss – better than fad diet to get rid of body fat


Be calm even if you notice you’ve added some pounds on your waist. Do not rush out looking for the so-called fast weight loss fad diet to get rid of the fat.

This is one of the biggest mistakes to do. Always and forever a quick fix will be nothing more than a quick fix.

Why fad diets not best solution for weightloss

A problem doesn’t really go away when you apply a quick fix. The same way you can not solve excess weight loss on your body by buying ineffective fast weight loss fad diet in town.

Rather than trying the latest magic diet plan to lose weight, I advice you to search for an effective weigh loss diet plan that isn’t as hard on you and takes a little longer.

The Proactol weight loss pill perfectly fit this description. To understand what I mean, read some Proactol stories here

Another danger of diet fad


Most of the “lose weight instantly” diets are based on getting rid of body water. This idea doesn’t work because a couple of glasses of water will cause the weight to come right back.

Stay away from these diets fad because you want to lose body fat and not water. Losing one pound per week is a good rate, which is why good diets need time to work. While it may sound better to lose three pounds a week this is a                                                                                         mistake…

Here is why… the lean tissues that make up the muscles are bound to be lost if you lose more than two pounds a week. You lose more muscle mass with the faster you go; this is why only fat goes out with slow diets.

The quick weight loss schemes can become a vicious circle. Your metabolism works faster when there is more muscle mass, which means very little of your food intake is stored, as fat.

However, your metabolism will slow down if a diet makes you lose muscle mass and accumulated fat burns slower and slower as a result.

Can you now see why it is hard to lose weight with a bad diet? Also let me warn that starving is very bad since your metabolism has to function at an adequate speed to help you lose weight.

Most popular fad diets work contrary to body health system

Since you need calories to give your body staying power eating the right foods in your diet is important. There are different feelings of hungry between your body adjusting to less food and feeling starved without the right amount of daily calories.

To burn fat through physical effort you need the energy that your food gives you. If you are about to faint whenever you get up from a chair you can’t go to the gym or run in the park. So choose wisely the next time you feel like it is diet time.

Dieting and starvation has a big difference. And going for the popular fad diets may just spell disaster instead of helping you lose weight and looking trim and feeling wonderfully healthy.


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