How to reduce the belly size

Many people with a large belly dream of getting rid of it, but do not know how. This complicates their lives, brings discomfort in various life situations, and spoils aesthetics of their appearance.

In addition to the obvious problems, there are also hidden ones. Namely, a large belly is a sign of visceral obesity, that is, obesity of internal organs. Thus, function of these internal organs can suffer very much. Thus, such severe diseases as type 2 diabetes, arterial hypertension, atherosclerosis, gout, urolithiasis, cholelithiasis, and so on can arise. Therefore, it is necessary to fight against visceral obesity.

What is the reason of belly increase?

The belly size depends on the size of internal organs, volume of visceral and subcutaneous fat, as well as tone of the abdominal wall muscles.

Size of the internal organs can be increased by using large portions of food. In this case, the stomach and intestine are overstretched, in which a lot of digestible food may remain. The stomach volume can make 0.5 liters in some people, while in others – 3-4 liters. Increased amount of fried and fatty foods consumed requires an increased volume of digestive enzymes and bile. Herewith, the gallbladder increases, it can lead to stagnation of the bile and lithiasis. Other organs may increase because of fatty degeneration (for example, liver steatosis).

Fat accumulation in the abdominal cavity and under the skin is also associated with a poor diet. This fat accumulates around the intestine, in the omentum, around the kidneys, the heart and other organs. This fat squeezes these organs, disrupting the blood microcirculation in them that leads to the loss of their functions. Excess fat in the blood damages the vascular wall from the inside that leads to formation of atherosclerotic plaques and even greater disruption of both blood microcirculation and macrocirculation.

Atonic abdominal muscles cannot hold the increased volume of the abdominal cavity, so they begin to bulge outward. Muscles also perform a massage function. In the muscle contraction, intestinal motility improves, excess bile is removed from the gallbladder, and microcirculation of the internal organs improves. This massage is very difficult to perform with a large abdomen.

How to cope with belly fat

In order to reduce the stomach size, an integrated approach is needed. Every detail is important here. It is very difficult to cope with this problem, for example, by diet alone. It is necessary to change the way of life.

  • First, get rid of bad habits. Refuse from alcohol and tobacco.

Then, normalize your daily routine. It is necessary to go to bed at 23.00 in order to see dreams already at 24.00, since an important hormone (hormone of youth) starts to be released, which restores and regulates metabolic processes in the body. However, obesity is a metabolic disorder.

A diet should be balanced. Preference should be given to a milk and vegetable diet with a lot of fiber, since it “cleanse” the intestines acting as ballast material. Consume small portions of food 6 times a day, thus the stomach size will begin to decrease.

A proper level of physical activity is necessary in order to calories expenditure exceeds their consumption. It is necessary to do exercises that strengthen the abdominal wall muscles (press). As a result, they will be in good shape and provide a massage of the internal organs.

However, the most important thing is a proper level of motivation and desire.

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