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Wants To Lose Weight Quickly? (Part 2)

This is the second and final part of my article titled: Loose Weight Quickly? 10 Mistakes In Loosing Weight In A Week!


It’s about the 10 major diet mistakes most people make while dieting for weight loss. As I said in the first part, these mistakes mostly emanate because people set their minds to loose weight quickly such as wanting to loose weight in a week or less.

In the same vein, some mistakes borders on poor weight loss information about proper nutrition and diet that can help lose weight properly.

Now read the rest part of the article below to discover why you should set a more realistic target and not wanting to loose weight quickly in a short period:

#4 Dieting mistake:
Cutting down too much on calories

Reducing the amount of calories intake is good for most types of diets, but caution must be observed in this type of “internal cleansing” during dieting. Cutting off too much calories will alter your body system.

Basically, if you start cutting down on a lot of calories, your body will start accumulating anything it possibly can. If you ask me, this is not best way to lose weight!

#5 Dieting mistake:
The blunder of skipping meals

A big error that many weight loss diet fans do is to skip meals. It’s as if they are asking, “if I stop eating will I lose weight?” Well, let me help you answer the question thus:

The right weight losing will not be achieved by fasting or denying your body from eating a well balanced diet. Rather, dieting is all about eating the right foods and not food denial.

That is, you should concentrate on how to diet safely and NOT how to lose weight quickly via starvation.

#6 Dieting Mistake:
Must you check your body weight on the weight scale everyday?

No is my straightforward answer to your question. It is right to express eagerness to see good results in your weight loss efforts, but never allow your enthusiasm drive you to checking your weight everyday.

Some people love going online to use the free available weight calculator too often. And they are doing this for the same reason to check on how much pound has been reduced on their body.

Hear the truth that will help you. Naturally, your body weight will experience some fluctuations. This means that if you form the habit of worrying and checking on daily basis, then you will soon get depressed and may even quit diet program altogether.

#7 Dieting Mistake:
Don’t let emotions drive you

Coming closely behind mistake number 6 is the issue of allowing inner emotions to influence your dieting. Let me give you a good example of what I mean.

If you are someone battling with any kind of emotions, let’s say you get easily bored or get angry. The best route to take is to deal with these problems before you embark on dieting program plans.

Why is this important to your weight loss dieting plan? Because emotions such as these will definitely interfere while dieting and will cause you to stop it.

#8 Dieting Mistake:
Denying to eat your favorite food


If before now you’d believe that denying yourself your favorite meals is vitally important to get the best from dieting, then you’d believed a wrong notion.
That is one of bid deception of the diet world that wants you to think that diet is a prison yard you should be confined into. And it is not. In actual fact, diet is mainly food control methods.

So, eating good treats are fantastic way you can use to raise your strength of mind and determination. Therefore, realize that if you eat favorite foods that are regarded as “forbidden” every now and then, it is okay.

#9 Dieting mistake:
Relying on your personal resolution alone

No doubt, personal willpower is good and highly needed to help you succeed in dieting and give you solid weight losing experience. However, you should also use your head.

Do not approach the whole program on a zig-zag manner. Knowing the kinds and how much to eat, should make you write everything down on a paper.

Then analyze the list in order to determine the foods that should not be among the list. Do you know why this exercise is important to you?

Because, it is likely that occasionally, you may experience hunger and go ahead to eat foods you should not. Therefore, a degree of honesty is necessary, which a well-examined list will help you maintain.

#10 Dieting mistake:
Refusing to ask for necessary help

Since you are human, it is likely that you are not born with the will of iron. Why then should you decide to face dieting weight loss program all alone.

This is why I seriously recommend you join an internet weight loss diet program where you will have free access to an online resource and other weight loss and dieting enthusiasts like you.

In addition, you can have access to experts on board who will be willing to offer you their help.

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